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5 Best Android Movie App 2017

5 Best Android Movie App 2017 - Watching is an activity that is highly favored by most people. Whether it's watching the TV series or movies, most people in his spare time certainly often looking for TV series or their favorite movie to watch alone as well as together with dear ones. Currently, there are an awful lot of applications to watch that allows us to look at using the computer or Android smartphone.

This time, I will discuss some applications for watching your favorite movies and TV series are you guys using Android. Of course I will discuss the current application is a free application and is fully legal, so you don't need to be concerned with copyright issues. In addition, applications that I discuss this course has its own advantages not possessed by other similar applications. Want to know what? Looking for more information.

5 best Android Apps for watching movies and TV series Free

1. Cinema Box HD

Android Movie App

Cinema Box HD is an application to watch TV series and movies are no less great with large Terrarium TV. The application is also the brother of Playbox HD offers feature streaming and download a range of popular TV series such as the Game of Thrones, Legion, and a lot more.

Android Movie App

For a while, you guys can watch top-class films like Deadpool, Logan, Now You See Me 2, as well as many more and of course don't forget if you guys also can download movies with this application. In addition, you can also watch the animated film and a variety of animated film Japan (anime) is popular especially for all of you lovers animated film. This application also provides a channel to watch MV (Music Video) of famous singers and bands like on YouTube.

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2. Terrarium TV

Android Movie App

Large terrarium TV is application for watching many TV series and films in the latest Android smartphone. The new application was released a few weeks ago offers the feature to stream and download TV series and favorite movie you guys up to the quality of such popular series p 1,080 Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Homeland, and much more. As for the movie, you can always enjoy the latest movies with video quality that continue to be updated as the film Beauty and The Beast, Interstellar, Inception, and many more.

Android Movie App

This TV uses its own large terrarium technology so that all the action streaming with TV large Terrarium is fully legal, unless you guys do share video files are watched or uploaded. In addition, a large Terrarium TV also supports more than 20 kinds of subtitles.

3. Mega Box HD

Android Movie App

Mega Box HD has features that are similar to a large Terrarium TV and Cinema Box HD. application this one lets you guys stream a variety of popular film and TV series are you liking as the series the Avengers and the Star Wars series.

Android Movie App

What distinguishes this application from both of the previous application is a system of filters that let you guys pick the TV series and the movie based on the level of popularity and rating. In addition, you can also choose the genre of spectacle you guys as you wish by selecting the option at the top right of the application.

4. Tubi TV

Android Movie App

Tubi TV is streaming application in the Android smartphone that offers a variety of TV series and film anti-mainstream not so much known by others with a classic style. In addition, for all of you lovers of horror films and a sadist, this TV is a Tubi is the perfect choice as there are various anti-mainstream horror movies and terrible that is provided by the application of this one.

Android Movie App

Not only that, you can also get many TV series and films that won't be found at Netflix movie recommendations and even anti-mainstream with the best review from film critic one site i.e. rottentomatoes.

5. Flipps TV

Android Movie App

Flipps TV Is applications stream movies and music videos that have been around 2014. In addition to watching a number of anti-mainstream that is rarely known to many people, you can also get the spectacle in the form of a unique video clips and live sport events.

Android Movie App

Not only that, for all of you lovers of news, you can get a variety of news from trusted sources like the BBC and Washingtong Post, complete with a video related to the news.

That's the last 5 apps to watch TV series and movies for free is the best choice for me. Good luck! Just a suggestion, do not forget to prepare a data packet that much so when you guys are watching not disconnected in the middle of the road. Because some of the applications I mentioned above support the video quality up to 1,080 p. Don't forget to share your experience sharing applications of it in the comments field below.


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